26 July 2014

I SO LOVE SUMMER! Since spring everything around is simply booming (and blooming) and I suddenly realized my wardrobe is full of roses, peonies and many other flower prints!
The other day I have one of this I've-nothing-to-wear kind of day and following  my mate Sofia's fashion tip I tried this tone on tone print combination. I pretty loved the result! Looking forward to do it again this time mixing different prints!!

PS: Can’t wait to show you the last flower-piece I grabbed while I was in Italy! 
Coming soon...:D


21 July 2014

Currently looking for the perfect surfing gateaway!
Buying a good board has been on my bucket list since first time I felt sand under my feet.
Living in a city by the sea is my daily pleasure, but sadly Barcelona is not the hot spot when it comes to surfing. It might be great for beginners or SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surf) lovers like me ;)
Since years now I'm looking forward to pack my stuff, fly to wherever destination and just surfing day and night. 

Any suggestions in mind? :)

Trend spotted: The Blanket

16 July 2014

I would love to introduce you the key piece for this Fall: The Blanket!
Not just because all designers added it to their collections (Chloé, Burberry, LV, Kenzo...), I personally think is the perfect item for these breeze summer nights when you just want to hang out 24/7! 
For a comfy but chic look, just select a soft fabric + cool print and combine it with a total black look :)

This is exactly what I did, I hope you guys like it!

SundayLove: Surf the Road

23 June 2014

That day when you boy wakes up and decides from now on, he will surf the road!
You know I love SUP and classic Surf but I've never tried to ride a longboard before - even though I was super fan of Avril Lavigne in the 90s. Suddenly, you see yourself checking boards prints and getting to know that 'cruising' means something else than a cool Resort Collection.

So, today,  following my fav quote "Try new things daily" I rode my first longboard! Not sure if it's my thing yet - riding to work with heels? - but meanwhile I did a bit of fashion research to show you this Sundaylove inspiration ;)

Tuscany: The 24h Diary

18 June 2014

Just came back from my first summer escape discovering the beautiful Tuscany:) This trip was everything but planned - and there is nothing I love most than improvised travelling. The night before jumping on the road we took a map and decided to get lost in the Italian countryside :) We found a cool hideaway close to Sant Vicenzo and each day we woke up in the middle of nowhere, waiting for new adventures to come. 
An absolute Woody Allen experience.
For those looking for new places to hide, here my 24h Diary!

Trend Spotted: Midi Skirt!

13 June 2014

Two weeks ago I had the luck to have my beautiful yet stylish mate Sofia in town and we had an incredible girls time together! We could revive what would be living together: crazy days and nights + a 2x wardrobe during a entire week!
This day I stole her precious off-white skirt I could wear ever day - seriously! Feeling even cooler after all the mid-length pleated skirts appearing in all Summer and Pre-Fall collections. Need to find mine soon!

A Latte with...Benedikt Ruf

10 June 2014

Big pleasure to share my second latte with Benedikt Ruf  :)
Spending an hour with Benne is like injecting yourself a dosis of positivity, humor and above all creativity. His soul is such a mix of  cool things that he could be anything from a french actor to a british singer. Instead, due to his innovative thinking and international marketing background Benne rocks the Beauty Industry as Group Product and Digital Manager managing perfum brands like Narciso Rodriguez, Elie Saab, Issey Miyake and Jean Paul Gaultier. (Since then, I'm totally addicted to all of them!).
Secret? He is one of the most stylist guys I have met!  Ready to meet Benedikt Ruf?

MAY: My 10 Fav Things.

01 June 2014

Finally here my Top 10 things I love most or discovered during this sunny May :)
It has been a non-stop month, full of wedding trips and best friend visits to the City, there is nothing I love most that our home full of people spending 24h together!

Discover my May List! and for more daily inspiration check @bittemitlatte.

Summer me!

28 May 2014

Hey guys!
A quick post to show you this weekend's beach combo:
- Nice Things bathing suit
- Malababa necklace and bracelet
- Ray-ban sunnies (so love this new shape!)
- Messy hair ;)

Ready to spend 24/7 on the beach!

SUNDAYLOVE: Jungle Clutch

11 May 2014

Hey there!
 Here a quick post to show you what my Sunday evening looks like :)