The perfect coat

14 April 2014

"When you wear the perfect coat 
- no matter whether you are naked or wearing piyamas underneath - 
you will feel more stunning than ever".
- Me

Drink Green Daily

09 April 2014

By Maëva Save, Beauty & Well-being contributor

Green Juice has become a “must-have” in the fashion industry - that’s right having a juice in hand is the best way to advocate how healthy you are!
But here is an honest fact, Green Juicing is hard! The whole point is for this to become an habit, not just a trend. So roll your sleeves up, and get ready to make a mess in your kitchen! 

London: The 24h Diary

05 April 2014

Last weekend I was off to London and I had a blast! I love the city so much (as you can see here, here, here and here ;)) 
Sometimes I perfectly picture myself living there but untill that day I love going back when I need a HUGE dose of fashion inspiration.

Here a small 24h Diary :) actually, a perfect sunday plan!

Munich, beautiful and chill

24 March 2014

Before my 24h Diary in Munich here a quick look shot by my mate Yolanda Ng at Odeonsplatz!

SundayLove: Peter Pilotto

16 March 2014

I have a crush on you, guys.

New Thing, Daily

14 March 2014

Yep, that's me wearing a ponytail! - new right?
Sometimes small things (like just changing your hair) have the power to make you feel like a totally new woman :) 

All you need is...yourself

12 March 2014

By Maëva Save, Beauty & Well-being contributor

As my first “beauty & lifestyle” post in Latte Paper, I wanted to write about self-love because the way you feel about yourself will impact the way you look and behave with others.

This is for me the first – and most difficult – step in looking great, healthy and balanced. So let's treat ourselves with some love…

Morocco Diary

09 March 2014

Being in Morocco was one of the most-culturally-different trips I have done in my whole life. I still cannot believe you jump into a plane and one hour after you are in the North of Africa, walking absolutely different streets, speaking 3 languages , living a distinctive religion, experimenting new flavours you never tasted before and dancing to a music that transports your soul.

The Unstructured Trench

01 March 2014

Trend Spotted: Unstructured Jacket.

An Unstructured Jacket normally has looser cut with no defined waist, may or may not have details like shoulder pads or lapels and it's made of a lighter/ cosy fabric...

Introducing LATTE PAPER

28 February 2014


Bitte mit latte goes a little bit further and today I am proud to announce the launch of the new LATTE PAPER!

"I wanted to create a minimalist magazine that captures not only my daily adventures, but also the best of  my friend's creative minds and the incredibly talented people I have met along the way. 
Latte Paper is a lifestyle journey inspired by the special moments spent sharing a huge Latte with the people you love who spark your creativity :)"

I promise more Fashion, Beauty, Cities, Looks and Sundayloves than ever! And get ready, incredible contributors will join me now :)  - I hope to continue sharing with you this journey :)

Welcome to LATTE PAPER!