12 October 2011

Yesterday night I had the great pleasure to attend to "Designers meet fashion bloggers" by MIOSATO.
SO MUCH FUN! The event was at the amazing gallery Murata&Friends, what a cool place: quite small, but "so berlin" style...just the perfect place to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere :)
My precious Sofía just started working for
MIOSATO-the online fashion gallery.And now I'm totally fan of their concept...

This online shop (born in Berlin) is the link between young + creative + very talented designers...AND YOU. Here you will have the opportunity to discover (and buy) pieces from such a great names like Prose, Luxxus Berlin or Birthday Suits.
The event proposal was to present the SS12 collections of 4 woww-brands of the city:
... and meet the designers and people behind!


The inspiration of the new SS12 collection of IVANMAN is based on the music of Mahler and like him, Ivan is an artist of extreme. His geometrical taste makes all the styles clean, fine and pure...and the triangle-idea appears in every detail: collars, pockets, bags, belts...

The main part of the collection is for man, but he also design pieces for woman pretty masculine but sexy at the same time :) I was totally fascinated by the accessories, so creative and so many ways to wear them!

The soul of IVANMAN
Ivan, Max and the amazing bag

"Achromat" is the theme Tanja chose for her new SS12 collection. and why? achromatic lens brings red and blue light to the same focus...creating a triangle effect! So that's why you can see this effect in every single piece.
The main colors are grey and white mix with silver giving a futuristic touch. And the amazing thing is all prints are handmade by every piece has an unique print!

The dress on the left side is like a big triangle and you can wear it in 3 different ways!
Sofía and me with Tanja - the amazing woman behind Ta-ste

What a lady and what a collection full of colors and life. I was really inspired by her words and by her care for every detail of the collection development: get inspired, choose the materials, create her own prints, digital printing...and then when the printed materials's time to design!
Antonia says sometimes she thinks "ok, this print and material will be a scarf" and then when it arrives "that is sooo perfect for a dress!!". It's great to see the imagination has no limits and it is a pretty amazing game to play :) - and I have to say: Antonia plays really really good.
Some SS12 peaks. Love the dress in the middle matching with a guepard (zoom in) print scarf!
THE dress of the night. Amazing butterfly print! I fall in love with the wings-effect on the back. Made all in one piece....without any cuts!
Catching up with mi bella! So I missed her :)

"Middle of somewhere" is the Manikó SS12 collection. You just need to see the inspiration board, the light colors, the materials, the amazing shooting (in Sandgrube!) and to see THEM to know this brand has an amazing lady soul.
The best is the mix of materials: the most delicate silk skirt + fine leather jacket + a scrap metal necklace. As they say:"Timeless and feminine elegance".
It's great to see the inpiration board: what a designer had in mind before an amazing collection starts :)
Isabelle & Madlen, the pretty talented Marikó-designers
Mmmmmmmh I need this complete outfit...Just exactly like it is. Speechless!

Thanks to all the team! and keep on doing so great - new inspirations every day !


  1. Buenisimo Mery!! Thank you for coming my love!!