A Latte with...Benedikt Ruf

10 June 2014

Big pleasure to share my second latte with Benedikt Ruf  :)
Spending an hour with Benne is like injecting yourself a dosis of positivity, humor and above all creativity. His soul is such a mix of  cool things that he could be anything from a french actor to a british singer. Instead, due to his innovative thinking and international marketing background Benne rocks the Beauty Industry as Group Product and Digital Manager managing perfum brands like Narciso Rodriguez, Elie Saab, Issey Miyake and Jean Paul Gaultier. (Since then, I'm totally addicted to all of them!).
Secret? He is one of the most stylist guys I have met!  Ready to meet Benedikt Ruf?

The power of a perfume in one word: Emotions.

A vivid smell that will always be in your head: I like the strength of preciously woody notes

3 things your perfect gateaway has
1/ an inspirational conversation 
2/ a stylish spot where to order a perfectly mixed drink out of delicious fruits or a foreign beer I did not know before
3/ the combination of 1/ & 2/

The dream beauty app: Let's play a mind game to show you what comes to my mind when thinking of a dream beauty app...what about an app called "beauty memories" based on APIs and NFC/iBeacon technology like: connect your "once in a lifetime experiences" with your fragrance or your beauty you wear. like your smartphone the beauty of the world is always by your side - combine them by creating, joining and sharing beauty experiences all around the world, save what a perfume reminds you of and share it with your followers - a nice flirt at a bar, an inspiring visit of a museum, a relaxing day at the beach, a magic eye contact in the metro ... create own content as your own beauty secrets or moments, reveal them only to special people or the public, to people you like, get inspired by others and follow their experiences to enrich your own beauty life, share your beauty items, create it-pieces, get recommendations and improve your beauty expertise, participate in challenges, games, product tests, events etc. industry can offer special beauty experiences digitally or invite to selective physical beauty boxes in different locations as pop ups in big cities, app can interact with products for informations and entertainment at POS or at home by NFC/iBeacon technology, app users will be ambassadors for and decide which brands they invite to their beauty universe...and ... industry pays for consumer insights, ads, promotions etc. ... to be continued by an added-value & business consideration :-)

A song that describes you: Proclaimers - 500miles.

North or South: South.

A place you would always come back to: Neverland.

Vintage hat or cool sunnies: Vintage sunnies.

A declared life resolution: Appreciate the ones who taught you to fly & never forget to spread your wings for something you love.

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