09 December 2014

A new city goes directly to my bucket list: SEOUL!

Some weeks ago I had the big luck of meeting one of our great partners from Seoul, South Korea. We shared an amazing time in Barcelona and I personally fall in love with every situation that surrounded these days: meeting, dinners, cultural & fashion exchange, laughs and nights. When it comes to travelling, I used to have an occidental tendency but since then I found myself checking flights to Korea, getting to know more and more about the streets, music & people and writing down the exact Seoul Fashion Week dates! Everyone I met was incredibly inspirational and believe me, everyone had a super fashion taste :)
 So I make a toast to our great team and meanwhile here you will find a glimpse of Seoul Street Style. Counting down the days....!

Now you want to join me, right?
Surely it will be a breathtaking experience!

Source: Hypebeast, Vogue, Sol-Sol, Pinterest.

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