22 February 2015

 Hi Everyone! Finally...Latte Paper is back! 
Sorry that I missed the track of my blog during the past months. 
But I promise more looks, inspiration and really good content is coming up. GET READY!

All my current projects have been keeping me immersed working, creating, building and as always, learning and growing. Shaping a new version of myself. Very me. Days are running too fast and I have almost no time, but I couldn't be happier! One of my main projects is being part of the Maians marketing team, very proud :). In case you didn't know about the brand before, I will keep you posted starting from this post - Have a look to my shoes ;)

Wearing: Wool coat, Mustard scarf and tricolor bag from Zara. Sunglasses from Emian Bohe. Canvas+Suede shoes from Maians.

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