Morocco through my eyes

14 July 2015

Here my 1:1 guide to the south of Morocco and Marrakech - the extraordinary city of contrasts.

Since I met him 5 years ago, all our gifts - no exception - have been focused on the thing we love most in the entire world: Discover the world together. This time, our adventure was located in Morocco, a 5-day tailor-made roadtrip crossing the Atlas, sleeping with locals in Zagora, getting lost in the Sahara desert and ending up in the ancient labyrinth of Marrakech.

Everything was fascinating from the architecture, prints, aromatic food, music...but the place I loved most was the time in the desert. I have never walked in such a silent atmosphere. 100% breath-taking!

Roadtrip from Marrakech to Zagora, crossing the Atlas.
The Atlas. A mixture of wonderful mountains and oasis
Breakfast in the water 
Good Morning Zagora!

Re-connecting with nature

A slow-cooked Tajine after overnight in a bereber camp
My summer essentials: A leather clutch and a Panama hat
Big doses of inspiration by Majorelle, Bergé and Saint Laurent at Jardin Majorelle

Marrakech from the roof!
The city awakes..
Café des Épices & him :)
The - always crowded - vegetable Market
Obsessed with this colour: "Majorelle Blue"
Moroccan treasures: Strong coffee and my new Tuareg necklace 
The Bahia Palace and its unique floors and walls
Djemaa el-Fna square empty, because life starts at 22.00pm
Riad Karmela, our Marrakech home

Next post...THE DESERT.

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